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Domain Registry of America Scam Alert

Domain Registry of America just sent us a letter regarding the expiration of one of our domains. We get a few of these a year and so do some of our clients. If you get one of these:

Stop Right ThereDomain Registry of America Scam Alert

If your domain i snot registered with them then you do not need to do anything.  They are trying to get you to switch your registrar account to them and usually with a much higher yearly fee.

Talk with your website administrator if you have any questions. Or, contact me, include your domain name, and I'll have a quick look to see who your registrar is and if you can safely ignore this letter.


WordPress 3.3 released to the world

The next significant upgrade to word press - WordPress 3.3 - was released today. Code named “Sonny” in honor of the great jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt ( my grandfather would enthusiastically approve) WordPress 3.3 is available for immediate download.

What does this mean to you?

If your site is hosted with Elegant Eagle Web Design your site will be updated automatically at no cost to you, you don't need to do anything..... yeah!

If you manage your own site you will have to be sure that your theme is compatible with wordpress 3.3. In most cases there should be no problem, though I highly recommend, stress, and implore you to backup your site before upgrading. However unlikely, if there should be any glitch in the updating and your site becomes “broken” all your hours of development could be lost.

Before upgrading to wordpress 3.3 check with your theme developer to be sure your theme is compatible. Even if you need to wait a few day before updating to give your theme and plugin developers a chance to complete their upgrades, you will be rewarded with a smoother upgrade process.

Once updated, you should go through each page and be sure it is displayed correctly on the three major browsers, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. You should then check that all your plugins are functioning correctly and be sure to understand the new admin area and any changes that might effect you.

(shameless plug for Elegant Eagle Web Design below)

Once again, if your site is hosted with Elegant Eagle Web Design all this will be done for you as part of your hosting package. If you are not hosted with is never to late to contract with Elegant Eagle Web Design and save time so you can concentrate on what makes you successful and not be stuck on the computer doing what we could be doing for you.