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Your Website Security Upgrade

2011 saw the greatest number of website security incident investigations ever. As the internet becomes more and more prevalent in our lives so do the security risks and website hack attempts We know you take your website seriously and trust us with keeping it online, updated , compatible, available 24/7 and secure. I do want to assure all current and future clients that none of the websites hosted with Elegant Eagle Web Design have been hacked nor have any hack attempts been noted or reported. Even so, I believe it is important to be proactive and offer even more protection from security risks.

Immediate security enhancement:

Password Lock-Down

After 5 failed attempts to access the admin area of your website the access portal will be locked down for 30 minutes. By May 1st 2012 all websites hosted with us will have a password lock-down system in place. As we expand and roll out the features of what we will eventually comprise the “Peace of Mind and Security Assurance Package”, the entire full range of security enhancements will be 100% free.

On January 1st 2013 it is anticipated that the various services will be divided into 2 or 3 tiers, the first tier being free and providing basic security. Additional features will be provided for a nominal fee. The reason for this is simply not all websites require daily malware and virus scans, daily off site backups, security breach attempts reporting, etc... Even the free level will provide more security then most websites currently have and will offer protection that is adequate for most website owners. This roll out of enhancements will be done in phases and will not disrupt your website or work flow. Most of you will notice no difference in how you are interacting with your website. All of the security enhancements will occur in the background. If you would like additional information or have any questions please call Joe directly: 910-502-0568

Brute Force &  Dictionary Attacks

The most used hacking methods in 2011 were brute force and dictionary attacks. Brute Force: Unleashing a program that will automatically try every possible key combination until the correct security key is found. Dictionary Attacks: Similar to brute force but will try every word in a dictionary until the security key is found.


  • Password attempts before lockdown: 5
  • Time before new attempts may be tried: 30 minutes

This means that if you attempt 5 times and still do not use the correct password you will not be able to try again for 30 minutes. The setting are default values only and can be simply modified.

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