Getting Started Basics

This page includes details about some of the steps involved in getting up and running with a $15 dollars website. It is our attempt to streamline and simplify the process and still offer many options at a great price. For that reason we make extensive use of informative and training videos. Please feel free to contact us directly if you need further assistance with anything.

Purchasing a domain name

Chose a name that is your business name or is descriptive of your business, service, or product. Registering a domain name is as easy as buying anything else on the web. The most challenging part may be to find a name that has not already been taken.
It is preferred that you buy your own domain name and change the DNS, )basically an address that allows the computers on the web to find the server where your website is hosted)

If you need assistance please see these videos:
Buying a domain name: 
DNS settings

Main text for your website

For most this will be an area of text would describe your product or service, tell someone why they would hire you, and/or other marketing type message. Please limit yourself to 200 -300 words, so that everything will fit nicely on the page.
It is also possible that you would be better served with more pictures and less texts. Just let us know and we will make every attempt to accommodate your desires.

Choosing a Layout

The samples page has a few layouts to choose from. Modifications can be made and the samples can be viewed as a place to start. Please understand that with the $15 one page site layout options may be limited, however if you have an idea of what you would like you website to look like you can always ask us if what you have in mind id possible. If appropriate draw out what you would like or include a link to a web page that reflects what you would like.

Choosing Colors

You have the option to choose colors for you site background, Container, and text.  Instead of colors you may prefer patterns,  textures or images. There are fantastic free resources online for finding patterns and textures, one of my favorites is: Lost and Taken.  There are also great websites that can help with color choices and a short instruction video on how to use that site.

Instructional video on colors
Chose your colors: online resource

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