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18 SEO Basics for Search Engine Optimization

If you want your website to show up in search results there are 18 things you should pay attention to. These are the basics of On Page Search Engine Optimization and SEO tips.

Get these right and you are in the game, ignore these and suffer the “non-results”.

I didn't get into a lot of details as to the why of certain suggestions, I may do so in future post, but for now there are some links provided for further research and you can always contact me directly with any questions.

SEO Setup and Platform

Optimize your URL: Include key words, set this up in your Content Management System to automatically use your title as the URL. As you can see in this blog post's title: ""

Use Descriptive Titles: Always use key words. The title is the most important on page SEO factor. It is also the first thing a person will see. Make it compelling and have the key words as close to the beginning as possible.On Page SEO

Make use of Headers: Headers help organize your content for readability and tell Google what the important points are in your article. Use key words but don't over do it. Headers should be used naturally and help the reader as well as the search engines read though you article.


Security Upgrade

Your Website Security Upgrade

2011 saw the greatest number of website security incident investigations ever. As the internet becomes more and more prevalent in our lives so do the security risks and website hack attempts We know you take your website seriously and trust us with keeping it online, updated , compatible, available 24/7 and secure. I do want to assure all current and future clients that none of the websites hosted with Elegant Eagle Web Design have been hacked nor have any hack attempts been noted or reported. Even so, I believe it is important to be proactive and offer even more protection from security risks.

Immediate security enhancement:

Password Lock-Down

After 5 failed attempts to access the admin area of your website the access portal will be locked down for 30 minutes. By May 1st 2012 all websites hosted with us will have a password lock-down system in place. As we expand and roll out the features of what we will eventually comprise the “Peace of Mind and Security Assurance Package”, the entire full >>>more

How to Edit a WordPress Page

Editing a WordPress page is easy. Check out the short video below to learn how.

How to create a new page in wordpress

How to optimize onpage SEO for WordPress

WordPress is search engine friendly out of the box.  Follow these steps to optimize your pages and posts for SEO (Search Engine optimization).

Optimize on page SEO for Wordpress

How to create a new page in WordPress

Creating a new page in WordPress is easy with the built in editor.  If you are familiar with word processors you will find it easy to create and edit new pages in your wordpress website.  This short video will show you how.

How to create a new page in wordpress

WordPress Statistics

It is not by accident that WordPress is one of the  most used platforms for creating websites.

What can you do with a WordPress website?

  • Simple blog site
  • Scalable webdesign  - start small and build as your business builds
  • Social media integration
  • Advanced SEO  -  Get found on the web
  • Tables                 >>>more

WordPress 3.3 released to the world

The next significant upgrade to word press - WordPress 3.3 - was released today. Code named “Sonny” in honor of the great jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt ( my grandfather would enthusiastically approve) WordPress 3.3 is available for immediate download.

What does this mean to you?

If your site is hosted with Elegant Eagle Web Design your site will be updated automatically at no cost to you, you don't need to do anything..... yeah!

If you manage your own site you will have to be sure that your theme is compatible with wordpress 3.3. In most cases there should be no problem, though I highly recommend, stress, and implore you to backup your site before upgrading. However unlikely, if there should be any glitch in the updating and your site becomes “broken” all your hours of development could be lost.

Before upgrading to wordpress 3.3 check with your theme developer to be sure your theme is compatible. Even if you need to wait a few day before updating to give your theme and plugin developers a chance to complete their upgrades, you will be rewarded with a smoother upgrade process.

Once updated, you should go through each page and be sure it is displayed correctly on the three major browsers, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. You should then check that all your plugins are functioning correctly and be sure to understand the new admin area and any changes that might effect you.

(shameless plug for Elegant Eagle Web Design below)

Once again, if your site is hosted with Elegant Eagle Web Design all this will be done for you as part of your hosting package. If you are not hosted with is never to late to contract with Elegant Eagle Web Design and save time so you can concentrate on what makes you successful and not be stuck on the computer doing what we could be doing for you.