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18 SEO Basics for Search Engine Optimization

If you want your website to show up in search results there are 18 things you should pay attention to. These are the basics of On Page Search Engine Optimization and SEO tips.

Get these right and you are in the game, ignore these and suffer the “non-results”.

I didn't get into a lot of details as to the why of certain suggestions, I may do so in future post, but for now there are some links provided for further research and you can always contact me directly with any questions.

SEO Setup and Platform

Optimize your URL: Include key words, set this up in your Content Management System to automatically use your title as the URL. As you can see in this blog post's title: ""

Use Descriptive Titles: Always use key words. The title is the most important on page SEO factor. It is also the first thing a person will see. Make it compelling and have the key words as close to the beginning as possible.On Page SEO

Make use of Headers: Headers help organize your content for readability and tell Google what the important points are in your article. Use key words but don't over do it. Headers should be used naturally and help the reader as well as the search engines read though you article.


What is SEO

Website SEO or Search Engine Optimization in its simplest form is about getting the word out, to the right people, that your website exists.

“If you build it, they will come.”, might have worked for Kevin Costner's character in Field of Dreams, but that kind of thinking can equal failure for a website. Unless you are creating a website for your own pleasure and don't care if anyone will ever see it you will need to let the world know. And the world uses search engines!

So...What is SEO and how do you do SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO involves techniques to increase a website's ranking in search engine results, so that the website appears closer to the top of the list when relevant terms are searched. The closer to the top of the list, the more visitors a website will have from the search engine users.

The Basics of SEO


White Hat vs. Black Hat Search Engine Optimization Techniques

If you want more visitors to your website you need to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And you have probably come to the conclusion that SEO is a BIG subject. SEO is also continually evolving as the search engine algorithms get smarter and the way we use and access the web is changing (think smart phones, voice search etc...).

What worked a couple years ago, or even last year may not work this year, and you can be sure the SEO techniques have changes and the algorithms the search engines use have evolved.

One of the debates you will need to be familiar with is Black Hat vs. White Hat

White Hat vs Black Hat

Black hat: Search engine strategies customarily defined as techniques that are used to get higher search >>>more