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Confessions of a Backup Fanatic

A humorous look at Computer Backups

Excessive Backup Disorder

If there is a condition called Excessive Backup Disorder I've got it. And I've had it for a long time.

Digital backup media

Not only do I have the disease, EBD for short, I have tried to inflict it upon others (to friends and family: sorry guys, I guess I was just trying to rationalize and justify my own addiction).

Ever since I couldn't find a picture I had scanned, and knew it was, or used to be, in the digital pixelated world somewhere, I decided to never loose anything digitized again.


18 SEO Basics for Search Engine Optimization

If you want your website to show up in search results there are 18 things you should pay attention to. These are the basics of On Page Search Engine Optimization and SEO tips.

Get these right and you are in the game, ignore these and suffer the “non-results”.

I didn't get into a lot of details as to the why of certain suggestions, I may do so in future post, but for now there are some links provided for further research and you can always contact me directly with any questions.

SEO Setup and Platform

Optimize your URL: Include key words, set this up in your Content Management System to automatically use your title as the URL. As you can see in this blog post's title: ""

Use Descriptive Titles: Always use key words. The title is the most important on page SEO factor. It is also the first thing a person will see. Make it compelling and have the key words as close to the beginning as possible.On Page SEO

Make use of Headers: Headers help organize your content for readability and tell Google what the important points are in your article. Use key words but don't over do it. Headers should be used naturally and help the reader as well as the search engines read though you article.


Domain Registry of America Scam Alert

Domain Registry of America just sent us a letter regarding the expiration of one of our domains. We get a few of these a year and so do some of our clients. If you get one of these:

Stop Right ThereDomain Registry of America Scam Alert

If your domain i snot registered with them then you do not need to do anything.  They are trying to get you to switch your registrar account to them and usually with a much higher yearly fee.

Talk with your website administrator if you have any questions. Or, contact me, include your domain name, and I'll have a quick look to see who your registrar is and if you can safely ignore this letter.


Images | Under Construction

It was late, I'd been on the web all day...and that is when it started.  I decided to take a few images and create some custom "under construction" pictures. I am sharing this one here for anyone who wants to use it.

Feel free to download and use as you like.  Enjoy.

How to Edit a WordPress Page

Editing a WordPress page is easy. Check out the short video below to learn how.

How to create a new page in wordpress

How to optimize onpage SEO for WordPress

WordPress is search engine friendly out of the box.  Follow these steps to optimize your pages and posts for SEO (Search Engine optimization).

Optimize on page SEO for Wordpress

How to create a new page in WordPress

Creating a new page in WordPress is easy with the built in editor.  If you are familiar with word processors you will find it easy to create and edit new pages in your wordpress website.  This short video will show you how.

How to create a new page in wordpress

Are you a do-it-yourselfer?

You've heard how easy it is to make your own website. Perhaps you know people who have made their own website.

Can you do it yourself? Absolutely!

Should you do it yourself? That depends...

The old saying “Time is Money” is very valid for those who would build their own websites.