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How to Edit a WordPress Page

Editing a WordPress page is easy. Check out the short video below to learn how.

How to create a new page in wordpress

6 website design considerations

After saying “hey, I want a website”

So, you want a website for your business. The variety of what you can do online is amazing and at a fraction of the cost compared just a few years ago.

Options are good, so you want to know:

  • what you can do
  • what you want to do
  • what you should do
  • but most importantly what you need to do to fulfill your business's strategic objectives.

A website is not like a stand alone add in the yellow pages or a flyer it is a dynamic, engaging, current and relevant promoter, informer, and sales mechanism for your business 24/7.

1. Why?

How does a website fit into your overall business strategy? Knowing what you want to accomplish with a website will have a major impact on the next 5 points, and if you haven't answered this question then you do not yet have a strategy and it will be impossible to strategically think about the following considerations.>>>more

How to optimize onpage SEO for WordPress

WordPress is search engine friendly out of the box.  Follow these steps to optimize your pages and posts for SEO (Search Engine optimization).

Optimize on page SEO for Wordpress

How to create a new page in WordPress

Creating a new page in WordPress is easy with the built in editor.  If you are familiar with word processors you will find it easy to create and edit new pages in your wordpress website.  This short video will show you how.

How to create a new page in wordpress

Building a Website is like Building a House

Step by Step

Experience has shown that when building a custom website for a client, it is best to do it in steps. And to let the client know what those steps are and what responsibilities they have along the way. It is important that the client know what they can expect from me and they know what is needed from them to move the process along.

Like Building a House

web building cloudBuilding a website is a bit like building a house. A builder friend of mine told me that it takes approximately 40% of the time and resources to lay the foundation, put up the frame, and 2x4s to divide up the interior to separate rooms and such. Its not pretty at that point and none of the finishing work is done, but the buyer can walk through and get a feel for the space, the window placement, the hall widths, the doors and cabinet layout. Changes at this point are relatively easy; ie, move a door down 3 feet, make a window larger. Once the drywall is up, the windows framed, the molding and painting done, changes can involve major expense and project delays.

The 40% Build

The same is true in building a custom website. Therefor, I will send a link to the client and they can follow along as I build the website. In the beginning the colors won't be exactly what the clients wants, a few corners may be rounded and the client would like them square, pictures may be generic low quality fillers and text may be nonsense, just to see what it looks like. What this does do though, is give the client a chance to get a feel for the website and browse through some of the ideas we had talked about and see how it looks on the actual website.

We may want to try different colors, picture sizes,/placement and module configurations. All easy to do at the “40%” stage. We can even bring in other people at this stage to get more eyes on it. When we are satisfied then I'll work on making it smooth and elegant, with quality images and colors that work together.

For more see the 9 Step Process to building a website

WordPress Statistics

It is not by accident that WordPress is one of the  most used platforms for creating websites.

What can you do with a WordPress website?

  • Simple blog site
  • Scalable webdesign  - start small and build as your business builds
  • Social media integration
  • Advanced SEO  -  Get found on the web
  • Tables                 >>>more