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"Joe, does this sound right to you?"  One of the owners of Rick's Sports Bar and Restaurant asked me.

The owner knew I had built a web site for one of my businesses. She had just received a quote for building and maintaining a website, that she thought was high. "Give me a few day and let me look into it." I responded.

I have always been interested in computers: In college I had graduated with a business administration degree and a minor in computer systems analysis. Back in the day, my first computer was a "portable" 14lb. 7 inch monochrome screen with no hard drive, no internet connection (this was pre-internet) and 760Kb of memory. To give you an idea: the 0.74 ounce iPod nano is multiple times more powerful than that 1980's Tandy computer.

After a couple days of looking into it, I presented my own quote, and a couple weeks later she had a new dynamic, great looking site. I then was asked to build a website for a construction company and my business was off and running.

Since then I have learned a lot about website building and the art of customization, visitor engagement, customer experience and SEO.  I've also partnered with other professionals whose specialties complement mine and Elegant Eagle Web Design was created.

I believe when a visitor lands on your site they are not only looking for information and/or a product/service. They also want an experience, today's internet users expect to be entertained, they expect the website to be attractive and easily navigated.

I also found that there are many business people who would like to manage, blog, and update their own website. With that in mind; I build sites that allow you, with little technical knowledge and the help of training videos, to manage your own site.

We offer  flexible website design services  so you can have the right website for your business today with the ability to expand tomorrow.  We also offer multiple levels of hosting services so you can chose the degree to which you want to actively manage your own website.

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